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Why Combine LED Light Therapy into a Facial?

Why add on LED light therapy? A facial or treatment at a clinic or salon helps you to deal with your skin concerns like ageing or acne, they can be regular skincare facials or more advanced treatments. Completing the facials with LED light therapy is great for skin...

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Light Therapy: A bit of History

Light Therapy Light Therapy is a massive trend at the moment and we believe it’s going to stay because of its effectiveness and versatility. Many cultures have known about the benefits of light therapy which dates back to the Ancient Greeks. Niels Finsen in 1893...

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What our customer’s say

The Neo Elegance mask is fabulous to be incorporated into a facial to enhance results. It’s very effective at helping post facial breakouts after extensive extractions by reducing inflammation and preventing propionibacterium acne, the acne bacteria. I use it in all of my anti-ageing facials for the general increase of ATP, or energy in the cells to improve many cell processes but mostly to stimulate collagen production and inhibit its breakdown for an all-round anti-ageing effect. “ Kate Kerr, Facialist. Mondrian Hotel London

What our customer’s say

My skin feels healthier, brighter and softer after the 2 treatments. It was also comfortable and very relaxing! Shakila Omar, Derby.

What our customer’s say

I have been enjoying the treatments very much, it’s very different! I feel my skin somewhat tighter and it looks healthier! I also feel it’s helped with my dry skin, which I’ve struggled with during winter! Thanks Honey! Sandra, Derby.

What our customer’s say

Thank you so much to Claire for the new treatment at your new salon! I wasn’t too keen as I didn’t know what would happen, but I could tell straight away some of my spots had reduced and my skin felt a lot softer. I would like to book in for those LED only treatments you mentioned. Thank you! Rachel
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