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5 Skin Concerns LED Light Therapy Can Help With

5 skin concerns LED light therapy can help with Acne & Scars We can’t tell you how much blue LED light therapy can help with reducing acne/breakouts. It’s non-invasive, has no chemicals, not harsh to the skin and no medications involved – its one of the best ways to...

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What is the Illumination LED face mask?

What is the Illumination LED face mask? Many of you may have seen this crazy trend of people looking like ‘ironman’ or robot; all in the name of beauty! What is this trend you ask? Well the Illumination LED face mask uses LED light therapy for skin rejuvenation, now...

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What our customer’s say

dr-esho-2I was looking for LED technology for my clinic and I wanted the best, with neo elegance’s Illumination mask that’s exactly what I got. From start to finish the mask and team delivered to the highest standards and for me there’s no other facial LED device. In my treatments I use the mask for post laser recovery to reduce the downtime.“
Dr Esho, Celebrity Doctor, Le Beau Ideal Harley Street & Newcastle

What our customer’s say

The Neo Elegance mask is fabulous to be incorporated into a facial to enhance results. It’s very effective at helping post facial breakouts after extensive extractions by reducing inflammation and preventing propionibacterium acne, the acne bacteria. I use it in all of my anti-ageing facials for the general increase of ATP, or energy in the cells to improve many cell processes but mostly to stimulate collagen production and inhibit its breakdown for an all-round anti-ageing effect. “
Kate Kerr, Facialist. Mondrian Hotel London
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