Facial Brush Replacement Head – Deep Pore Cleansing



Product Description

Like skin care, we have a brush head to suit your skin type and skin concerns which is suitable to use with our Neo professional cleansing facial brush. Deep cleansing, Normal and delicate – we’ve got you covered! Our brush heads can also be used on the body so you don’t need a separate head.

Get Cleansing!

Deep cleanse Head (Blue & white bristles): This brush head is best if you have excessively oily/greasy skin and you’re looking for a solution to oil regulation, reducing pore size and reducing breakouts caused by excess sebum. Brilliant for acne-prone skin! Brush Head Care: to ensure you’re getting the best out of your cleansing facial brush we urge that you clean your brush head on a regular basis. Simply rinse the brush with antibacterial soap and warm water. Alternatively, you can put your brush in hot water after every use. Remember to replace your brush head every 3-4 months, as worn out bristles prevent the proper cleansing.