Illumination LED Face Mask

Since launching our LED face mask in 2015, we have revolutionised the light therapy concept, described as “the facial to end all facials”, “a big thumbs up.” and “very relaxing”. Our award-nominated Illumination LED face mask is the most loved light therapy treatment in the market.

Product Description

Illumination LED face mask – Light therapy treatments

The illumination LED face mask is a new design of LED therapy, delivering 3 different wavelengths to activate your skins’ natural healing ability to resolve skin conditions such as acne/breakouts, fine lines, redness, and pigmentation. Additionally, it has the ability of galvanic and oxygen therapy too, to further enhance the treatment results. The 3 pre-set LED therapy modes make it an easy device to use and deliver express treatments in your clinic.

Mode 1: Anti-Ageing 630nm + 830nm

Mode 2: Anti-Acne 430nm + 830nm

Mode 3: Skin Rejuvenation 630nm + 830nm

Mode 4: Galvanic + LED light therapy

Mode 5: Galvanic + LED light therapy + Oxygen therapy

The illumination LED face mask can be used standalone treatments or coupled with other treatments such as microneedling, radiofrequency, chemical peels, microcurrent, microdermabrasion and others. The unique small attachment can be used for neck and chest treatments, alternatively detached and used on other areas of skin.

Used by professionals such as Dr T. Esho from celebrity clinics ‘Le Beau Ideal’ and facialist Kate Kerr, the illumination LED face mask is not only an effective treatment device but also a new experience for your clients.  



Celebrities who’ve tried our Illumination LED face mask