Thermagic – Firmer Tighter Skin


Product Description

Firmer Tighter Skin Starts Today

Firmer tighter skin is the ultimate goal in any anti-ageing routine. The Thermagic is a portable non-invasive radio frequency device that applies heat to the skin to tighten existing collagen and to encourage production of new collagen. It has 3 levels of intensity to suit your skin’s needs and the added LED function further helps to improve your skin.

The Thermagic is based on radio frequency which has been used in aesthetic clinics and salons for many years. Now available to use in the comfort of your home, the Thermagic can help you towards achieving tighter and firmer skin, something which is difficult to achieve with normal skincare products.

Benefits of using Thermagic:

  • firmer tighter skin
  • rejuvenated skin
  • reduction in fine lines
  • radiant and healthy skin

Smoother and more radiant skin can be seen within a few* treatments, reduction in fine lines, firmer tighter skin can be noticed after 8 – 10* weeks.

Radio Frequency is one of the only non-invasive treatments that can remodel collagen, when radio frequency heat is applied to the skin, the skin cells absorb the heat energy, which encourages the skin tissues to produce new collagen. As well as producing new collagen, the heat energy helps to tighten existing collagen too.

Treatment areas with the Thermagic:

  • Fine lines around the eyes
  • brow line
  • Jowls
  • sagging cheeks
  • fine lines on upper lip
  • cellulite on the body

Further information:
Treatment heads should be changed after 3 months as they lose effectiveness. Replacement heads are available here.

*Note: Results and result time will vary depending on skin type, age and condition of skin when beginning treatment, everyone’s skin renews and repairs itself at different rates.