Over the years we have seen some unique and downright quirky things in the skin industry! From Kylie Jenner Lips, Kim Kardashian contouring to the 17 step Japanese skin routine. Lets see what the future holds for the skin industry…

Ingredient savvy

There has always been a rise in creams that miraculously claim to ‘get rid of wrinkles’ or ‘banish pigmentation’ and thankfully, these marketing claims don’t quite have the same impact on customers as they once did!

Many people have become more ingredient savvy, from retinols to vitamin C, we are now seeing a rise in people understanding what they are putting on their skin! It’s important to use the right products for your skin, something that might suit everyone else, might not suit you! So we would always recommend seeing a professional aesthetician for advise on product usage bespoke to your skin.

Gadgets Galore

Skincare can NOT boost collagen, nor can it have an effect on underlying structures. Skin devices can assist your skincare products, pushing them in deeper. Relieve existing skin issues and prevent further issues from forming.

Our exciting lumipro device is a multi-functional and results driven device that can be used to suit all skin types and tones. It has four modalities: massage function, LED therapy, electrical muscle stimulation and electroporation that can be used differently throughout the year to assist you with breakouts, ageing, dehydration and skin dullness.

Healthier Lifestyles for glowing skin

Over the years we have heard of this diet and that diet to help you get a Britney Spears figure and skin like JLO. In recent times there’s been a boom in healthy eating and living a healthy lifestyle! It may predominantly be due to a boom in fitness gurus on Instagram trying to educate the masses and push forward the negative effects of fad diets. Fad diets will affect your entire body, your mind, your skin and the long term affects aren’t very beneficial either.

You may become deficient in vital nutrients, minerals and vitamins. You can not cut out entire food groups for long periods of time, as our body needs this for fuel and to protect all the organs in the body – your skin being the largest one!

Dip in botox and fillers?

By now the hype of botox and fillers has affected every single one of us. Whether you’ve actually taken the plunge and had it done, or you have considered it. Looking at pictures of models and influencers, in pristine condition can have an affect on us and lead us to want to change our appearance. Many unprofessionals that lack the experience and qualifications began to do these injectable treatments which led to a rise in botox and fillers looking rather odd!

You must go to a doctor or nurse that has extensive training and qualification in doing the needling treatments to prevent risk and side effects. 2019 will show a dip in over-the-top plastic looks and people will be opting for a more natural look, only undergoing the treatment if absolutely necessary.

Advanced skin treatments regularly

To achieve beautiful skin, you have to ensure you take care of it. Of course having a healthy diet and lifestyle is huge contributing factor, but as our skin is our least important organ, many of the nutrients we consume go to other organs first. Due to this, we must have regular treatments in clinic.

The treatments should always be made bespoke to the clients skin and although there will always be room for spa facials in the skin industry, due to its relaxing nature, device based treatments are going to pave the way in 2019. This may vary from chemical peels, micro needling, LED face masks to gold carat facials, all of which will leave the skin youthful, dewy and fresh!

Don’t get left behind this year, set some healthy skin goals and they will be easily achieved! This is going to be the year of the ‘fresh faced, natural looking beauties’. Thank you for reading, follow us on instagram and YouTube for more content!