Aqua Glow Facial – The Ultimate Facial

Earn £6000 month with the latest 6 technique facial

What is the Aqua Glow treatment?

The aqua glow is an eight step treatment designed to deeply cleanse, brighten, tighten and illuminate the skin. This relaxing treatment uses a 360 approach to skin health working on all aspects of epidermis and dermis. The aqua glow can be tailored to suit any and every skin which will ensure your client base grows as you will obtain new clients too!



• Customisable treatment to suit each client

• Innovative technology
• Low consumable cost
• A very popular treatment

• Comes with a trolley for ease of use• Easy to use
• Instant results
• Long lasting results

• No downtime
• No known side effects
• Smart and compact device

• Full training and certification

• Marketing materials
• On-going support


The Aqua Glow techniques you will be trained in:

  1. Hydro Cleanse
  2. Blackhead extraction
  3. Peel
  4. Jaw Tightening
  5. Eye Tight & Bright
  6. Collagen Boost
  7. Reducing Inflammation-ageing
  8. Nano Infusion

Bonus additional training on:

  1. Aqua Lip Treatment
  2. Aqua Eyes
  3. Aqua Natal Facial
  4. Aqua9 Facial
Extractions are made easier and painless using our removable multi-size hydro tips, but for clients who require a deeper exfoliation, our Aqua Glow facial can offer a special blackhead removing technique and tool, which uses sonic technology for brighter, softer and clearer skin.

For clients who are looking for even brighter healthier skin, particularly around the eyes and face, the system offers a highly effective technique, use multiple technologies from the Aqua Glow.

The system can also be used to offer different therapy combinations designed by you as a professional to suit each clients’ skin type. With the device you can work to:

  • Control and manage breakout/problem skin;
  • Improve skin irregularities, for example enlarged pores;
  • Improve skin tone and texture;
  • Increase product absorption;
  • Safely do extractions;
  • Improve skin firmness;
  • Revive dull and dehydrated skin.

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