You Can Get Rid of Your Acne Without Harsh Chemicals

You Can Get Rid of Your Acne Without Harsh Chemicals

Treating your acne is a long, hard and usually a frustrating process. We often soak our skin with irritating spot formula’s that can sometimes do more harm than good. We’ve all heard the toothpaste trick but toothpaste contains harsh chemicals used to clean our teeth not treat our skin! The result can be red, burnt and sore skin. There is a much safer and easier way to clear your acne and keep it at bay, LED light therapy.


What is LED light?:


LED lights are wavelengths which we see as light. Different colours of light represent different lengths of light and each length penetrates the skin at a different rate and depth. For example, the deepest penetrating LED light is red light, which will penetrate 3mm into the skin, reaching the hypodermis.


How can it help with acne?:


Blue LED light is used for the treatment of acne. This light penetrates no more than 0.3mm into the skin and targets any acne causing bacteria that may be lingering. This not only decreases already existing acne but also prevents any further breakout as it breaks away the cause of the acne.


What are my options for LED light therapy treatment?:


There are LED light therapy treatments you can have to get rid of your acne. One of these is the Neo Elegance Illumination mask. The mask treatment involves visiting a clinic to have several sessions where you lay and relax for a few minutes while wearing the illumination mask and let it work its magic. The treatment is quick and painless. Clinics that provide the mask treatment are located around the UK. To find your nearest clinic, click here.


Is there an easier way of doing it?


LED light therapy can be done from home, with the Neo Skin Rejuvenator device:

This is a hand-held device that allows you to get your light therapy fix from the comfort of your own home. You can use this by itself or alongside illumination mask treatments.


For more information on the Neo Skin Rejuvenator device, click here.

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