Clinic of the Week: Jenny Wren Skincare

Clinic of the Week: Jenny Wren Skincare

Showcasing our amazing professionals – this weeks’ clinic is Jenny Wren which is run by Jenny. We take a look at what Jenny is passionate about!

Tell us a little about yourself….

My venture into the world of LED Facials came at a time I was looking for treatment for my own skin. I researched the treatment extensively upon stumbling across an article regarding the new celebrity crazy back in 2015. Jenny Wren’s a nickname my Grandmother called me from my childhood. For my mobile business I decided to seek out how to go about to introduce LED light therapy treatments, as the research I had done showed me this was a perfect expansion to Jenny Wren’s. The facial treatments with LED light therapy and the Galvanic therapy are perfect for people like myself with problematic skin, or for those wanting the anti ageing results without going under the knife. The LED Facials also bode well for makeup application as I have found it to be the perfect primer to prepare the skin for makeup, whilst also being the perfect aftercare treatment after an event or job that requires long hours of wearing makeup.

Why do you love what you do?

Treatments that help my skin i want to share with others and show them the benefits too!

You can book in for a treatment with the lovely Jenny by visiting her site