The Easter weekend is finally here. We all love indulging in sugary treats over the Easter weekend (and sometimes longer) but what are we doing to our skin by doing so? It is thought, although not scientifically proven, that there is a connection between sugar consumption and excess oil being produced. This blog will talk you through how to combat sugar related breakouts this Easter weekend.

Blue LED Light therapy:

Blue LED not only kills acne-causing bacteria, but it can also regulate sebum production. This prevents the skin from over-producing oil. When we have excess oil on the skin, the pores can become clogged causing breakouts. Reducing excess oil can prevent oil-related breakouts.

You can get the blue LED light therapy through professional treatments or through home use gadgets. The Neo Skin Rejuvenator is a home use gadget that uses blue LED light therapy. To find out more about the device, click here. To find out where you can get professional light therapy treatments, visit our treatment finder by clicking here.

Galvanic Cleansing:

Galvanic cleansing can also help you to clear up any post-Easter breakouts. The galvanic therapy uses negatively charged ions to pull impurities out of the skin. This prevents these impurities from developing into or worsening breakouts. You can get galvanic therapy from home using our Neo Skin Rejuvenator device.

Using blue LED and galvanic together can maximize the results. The blue LED aids in killing the bacteria and impurities that the galvanic draws out.

Sugar can also have other effects on your skin such as breaking down collagen and elastin fibers, which can lead to sagging skin and wrinkles. This means that to maintain a youthful appearance it is important not to overindulge in sugary treats on a regular basis! Happy Easter everyone, enjoy!