Many people see skin problems as the luck of the draw – you either have good skin, or you don’t. But skin problems aren’t just down to genetics; there are a wide range of external factors that can be causing breakouts, dry patches and generally sallow and sad looking skin that’s in need of a little TLC.

And one of the most important environmental factors that can be at the root of common skin issues is most definitely work. After all, we spend a significant proportion of our time in the workplace so it comes as no surprise that our jobs could be having a detrimental effect on skin.

Read on to discover if your job could be causing your skin problems and what you can do to help.



Breakouts, lacklustre skin and dark circles are common symptoms attributed to workplace stress and can leave us looking as worn out as we feel.

Jetting off on a fortnight-long break somewhere sunny where we can relax and rejuvenate isn’t always an option, but there are some innovative tools to help reduce those dark circles without an expensive trip to the spa.

This clever handbag sized device means that you can help banish those tired eyes during your lunch break and reduce the appearance of crows feet and puffiness without having to leave the office. With the Neo Eye Pen, no one would know that you’d been up until the small hours finishing that important report.

Using soft vibrations on the delicate skin around the eyes, the Neo Eye pen increases the production of collagen and recharges the skins regeneration process, making it a must-have product for a bright-eyed look.


Dust and dirt

Not all of us can work in an office, and there are so many positions that mean our skin comes into contact with dust and dirt. From site surveying to archiving, tiny dirt particles latch on to skin and clog our pores leading to build-ups and breakouts that are hard to remedy if you are in the same environment day-in, day-out.

Banish breakouts at home with our Neo Skin Rejuvenator Device which offers technologically advanced light therapy for spot reduction.

With two light settings, you can solve your problem skin issues in the comfort of your own home and stop wasting your valuable days off visiting spas looking for a solution to your skin problems.

The blue light setting penetrates 0.3mm into the skin destroying acne-causing bacteria that may not have been completely removed by your cleansing routine, reduces redness and helps reduce further breakouts by eliminating unwanted bacteria.

Once your skin is completely free of any build up, the red light boosts collagen and leaves you with plump, youthful, and wonderfully smooth skin that you won’t believe belongs to you!

So no matter what skin problems your job may cause, Neo Elegance has the perfect at-home solution to restore that healthy glow and bright eyes.