As consumers invest in their skincare routines, they’re expecting better results than ever, according to experts from Neo Elegance. With competition from a growing range of at-home treatments, professionals need to invest in devices and services that will tackle multiple skin complaints in a single session, the brand explains.

Farrah Allarakha, Director of Neo Elegance, said, “More consumers being concerned about their skin is a double-edged sword for therapists. On the one hand, people are investing more and willing to try out new treatments in their quest for youthful complexions that will look stunning on Instagram snaps. However, on the other hand, there are a growing number of brands offering indulgent at home treatments, from sheet face masks to powerful moisturising lotions. It’s a challenge to entice new customers when high street stores are promising results at lower prices.

“The key to this is delivering effective, targeted treatments that tackle multiple skin concerns. Skincare fans rarely have one area they want to improve and offering a multi-focused solution in one session can help attract more customers to a business. Treatment should always be tailored to the consumer, so a device that can do it all is set to become essential.”

Neo Elegance’s range of LED devices has been designed with busy skincare clinics that will see different skin types in mind. As LED technology uses various wavelengths to penetrate skin at different levels, it can be used as treatment for a range of common skin complaints, from acne and dryness to fine line and dull looking skin. With just a few touches of a button, therapists can expertly tailor LED treatment to match the need of each client, while using a single device.

Allarakha added, “For most skincare practices, it’s simply not feasible to have a different device for every type of skin professionals will encounter on a weekly basis. LED devices are the perfect solution for this. Selecting the right colour light allows therapists to target a certain skin complaint and with just another touch, it can be changed to address another. As a result, clients can leave with clearer, smoother, and more radiant skin that will keep them coming back.”

Among the professional standard devices that Neo Elegance sells directly to salons are the Tri-Light, which can simultaneously use three different LED wavelengths to save time, and the latest innovating device, the Lumineo. The Lumineo is a sleek, portable device that has seven different LED modes for both face and body treatments, offering professionals the ultimate flexibility in LED therapy.