On Sunday 25th March, Neo Elegance attended an event hosted by Studio Avari at the Shard in London. This was reported on by the Daily Mail. Neo Elegance bough along some of their professional treatment devices to showcase and demo at the event.

At the event, ITV show host Lizzie Cundy and former Liberty X member, Michelle Heaton, treated themselves to facials with the LED Illumination Mask. Michelle Heaton also tried out the non-surgical facelift treatment with the NeoFirm. Both ladies looked fantastic! You can see images of the event and the Illumination Mask in action in the Daily Mail article.

The article was published by the Daily Mail on their online platform, Mail Online, the Monday morning after the event. To read the article, click here.

The Products

The LED Illumination Mask:

The LED Mask uses three wavelengths to target different skin concerns. The red wavelength targets aging concerns by boosting collagen, strengthening elastin and hydrating the skin. Blue LED targets breakouts by killing acne-causing bacteria and regulating sebum levels. The final wavelength the mask offers is near-infrared LED. This is the deepest penetrating wavelength allowing it to work on a cellular level. Near-infrared stimulates the repair and renewal of damaged skin cells. To find out more about the Illumination mask, click here.

The NeoFirm:

The NeoFirm is a professional radiofrequency treatment device which can be used on the face and the body. The treatment can give the skin a ‘non-surgical’ Face Lift look. The heat from radio frequency treatment stimulates the skins natural ability to produce collagen. The heat also causes the skin to contract, which can give an instant tightening effect. To find out more about the NeoFirm, click here.