Neo Elegance’s Illumination LED Face Mask was featured on “Body Fixers”

Neo Elegance’s Illumination LED Face Mask was featured on “Body Fixers”

Once again Neo Elegance’s Illumination LED Face Mask shined on national television. Chosen by celebrity doctor, Esho, who used light therapy as part of the treatment for facial scaring.

The first episode of “Body Fixers”’s second season started with Stephen Bear explaining what made him decide to participate in the programme. Bear was suffering from low self-esteem due to scars on his face caused by acne . Dr. Esho agreed that facial scaring can affect people’s confidence and suggested a three step procedure to minimize the scars.

The procedure was the combination of three treatments that together enhanced each other’s power. Micro needling was the first treatment to be performed. The needles work going in and out directly into the skin causing micro injuries that stimulate collagenesis, which is going to increase the collagen production.

The second step was a laser therapy session. The high powered laser used by the doctor resurfaced Bear’s skin. Finally, the third and last step was the LED light therapy. Dr. Esho chose Neo Elegance’s Illumination LED Mask to finish the procedure, using red light to stimulate collegen production. The laser also helps the skin heal from the injuries caused by the micro needling.

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It is not the first time Dr. Esho relies on Neo Elegance’s Illumination LED Mask to treat his patients. The Doctor, who’s also known as the celebrity doctor, has chosen Neo Elegance’s LED devices to treat famous public figures such as Stacey Solomon, known for hosting “I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here”.

Neo Elegance is a rising star in the beauty industry. Having the mission of providing effective non-invasive and painless treatments, the brand has won the heart of several beauty editors and aestheticians. The ones that swear by Neo’s mission recommend the brand’s products and have featured them in articles for important magazines such as Glamour and Women’s Health.