Ever felt that your skin is dry and no amount of moisturizing is helping? In actual fact over moisturizing is bad for your skin – as it makes your skin become ‘lazy’ and reliant on moisturizers and stops your skin producing its own natural oils. In addition to that, if you find your skin is dry and you keep moisturizing, it can also clog pores and lead to breakouts. Ideally using a serum then moisturizing in the evening and using an SPF in the daytime should be sufficient in providing adequate moisture.

A therapy that allows optimal product absorption into the skin is electroporation. Electroporation is a popular method that allows for transdermal product absorption by using electrical pulses to split open skin cells. This is a very advanced therapy that we incorporate into our Face Lift Pro device. It will alleviate dry skin without disrupting the skins pH levels and you don’t need to use a lot of moisturizer to achieve this!

No skincare product on earth can sink into the deep layers of the epidermis or dermal layer at all. With help from electroporation, this is made possible, as it creates a temporary pore that will allow the skincare product to seep through right through to the deeper layers of the skin. Have a look at the diagram above.

So an excellent therapy that has proven to brighten and hydrate the skin, enhancing the complexion overall.