With the government making a commitment to significantly reduce pollution and waste, and with so many environmentally friendly skincare products coming on to the market, there’s never been a better time to make your skincare routine greener and still enjoy gorgeous skin.

Now, we’re not expecting you to go all out eco-warrior here and ditch your most loved products in favour of homemade mud packs, but there are three simple ways that you can help show our environment some love and keep your skin in tip-top condition at the same time.

Go natural

The days of synthetic and toxic chemicals in skin care products are numbered. We’re all far more conscious of what we slather on our skin nowadays, and with a recent ban on microbeads that are seriously harmful to the environment, we’re also far more selective about the products we buy and their impact on our ecosystem.

Eschewing synthetic chemical compounds that won’t pollute our waterways in favour of plant-based ingredients, vegan products and sustainably sourced skincare products is far kinder to the environment and great for giving skin that gorgeous glow, so it’s worth checking out the back of your go-to skincare products to see if they could be a little greener.


Ever considered where all those employ toner and cleanser bottles end up after you’ve used them? Some skincare products end up in landfill as they cannot be recycled or cause damage to the environment during the production process which is the price our planet pays for our silky-smooth skin.

Now, skin care manufacturers are far more switched on when it comes to the effect their packaging has on our environment and we’re seeing far more products in spas, salons and in the home that use plastic free packaging derived from sugarcane, making it eco-friendly while still doing the job it was intended for.

Opt for a little DIY pampering

Are you aware of how your usual salon or spa helps to protect the environment? Some professionals are way ahead with their attempts to minimise waste and pollution whereas some are still trying to catch up with the trailblazers in the beauty industry and follow their example.

If you really wanted to do your bit to help the planet and make your skincare routine super eco-friendly,  then why not opt for a little at home pampering?

Not only can you ensure that any products you use are kinder to the environment, but you won’t be causing any extra pollution using the car or relying on public transport.

One product that we’re loving right now is the LumiPro Super LED Device, which offers seven different facial treatments in one.

These treatments kill bacteria, increase collagen production and reduce inflammation while improving lymphatic drainage and skin elasticity to tighten, brighten and improve the overall appearance of the skin.

With just one smart device, you can ditch the toxic chemicals and reduce the use of plastics while enjoying flawless skin and helping to save the world!