We all love a good workout, getting those feel good endorphins flowing whilst toning, tightening and generally working on the body beautiful makes us look and feel fantastic.

But what if your skin tells a different story?

For many of us, the last thing on our minds when we go to the gym for a stress-busting cardio work-out or Pilates class is our skin. We’re usually more focused on getting into that little black dress or smashing a personal best on the treadmill, so it comes as no real surprise that these gym workouts are having a negative effect on our skin.

Here’s some common gym habits which lead to poor skin and how you can easily fix them to restore that glowing complexion.

Correct cleansing

Finding the time to grab a little me time at the gym sometimes means that we either fail to remove our make-up properly or just forget to cleanse full-stop before we hit the studio.

Sweat and the increased temperatures caused by your work-out routine opens up your pores, so they become blocked by residual make-up particles. This in turn gives bacteria the opportunity to thrive on your face, leading to some serious breakouts, especially if you’re touching or wiping your face with a gym towel which spreads the little nasties all over. There are things you can do though.

The Neo Skin Rejuvenator is a salon-quality treatment which you can use at home to fight spots and breakouts. It combines the four technologies of ultrasound, LED therapy, massage and galvanic to help reduce spots and acne, perfect if you’re suffering with gym-induced problem skin.

If you have a favourite salon, ask your facialist about Lumineo Advanced LED Light Therapy treatments. The LED waves penetrate the skin, boosting collagen so your skin looks plumper, giving a more even skin tone and fighting spots. Ask for our ‘Witness the Fitness’ Facial.

Finding a way to look after your skin both with a routine and products that work for you means you’ll bring down the occurrence of breakouts post-workout and maintain a healthy glow and blemish free complexion.

Alfresco exercise

There’s nothing like feeling the wind in your hair and heading outdoors to build up a sweat with a little alfresco exercise. From an early morning run to a yoga session in the park, feeling the sun on your skin whilst you work out is an absolute pleasure.

However, its important that you give your skin some TLC both during and after your outdoor activities to safeguard against sun damage and premature aging. Some sunscreens sit heavily on the face leading to breakouts, so opt for a mineral-based sunscreen with a good SPF before heading out.

To help improve the texture, tone and overall health of your skin, oxygen therapy is a celebrity favourite when it comes to restoring that healthy glow and plumping effect.

Delivered via an oxygen gun, atomised and purified oxygen is introduced into the deeper layers of the skin to deliver active serums and antioxidants consisting of vitamin A, vitamin C, Vitamin E, hyaluronic acid and peptides to increase collagen and reduce inflammation that may have occurred during your alfresco workout.

A perfect treat for plump and glowing skin.

Don’t forget to drink plenty of water both during and after your workout – at least two litres a day will help your body to flush out toxins and clear your complexion.