Why is LED light therapy good for the skin?

Why is LED light therapy good for the skin?

Light therapy masks can help you look younger!

LED light therapy is an innovative method to treat skin conditions such as acne, enlarged pores, hyperpigmentation and etc. Celebrities were keen in trying this new and non-invasive treatment and have approved the results. Among the celebrities who have used out light therapy face mask are Stacey Solomon, Holly Hagan, Vicky Pattison, Danielle Armstrong and Gemma Merna.

But how does this miraculous treatment work, you might be asking.

The explanation is fascinating. When the skin is exposed to the light photoreceptors are activated making the skin absorb the lights energy. This process helps the biochemical circulation which stimulates the production of collagen. After explaining what the treatment is and how it works, we get to the part that will make your mind light up.

The reason why LED light therapy is good for the skin is because it reaches DNA cells and helps them recover from the damage suffered over the time. In the treatment with both, LED face masks and hand held devices different colour of lights are used and each one of them are responsible for treating one specific problem you might be suffering from.

The colour red is used in anti-aging treatments. The red light increases the production of collagen combating wrinkles. The purple light is a cell rejuvenator. When having purple lighting on your skin surface, it will help the cells regenerate and renew. Blue lights reduce the acne caused by bacteria, so this is the light used on acne treatments, of course. The last light of the colour range available at Neo Elegance, is green. It helps to balance and even out the skin complexion, giving a natural glow.

There are several devices available in our portfolio. You can use them for light therapy, also known as phototherapy. The use at home hand devices can be found on our website. We also offer professional LED light therapy in several clinics around the United Kingdom, where you can have a full treatment using the LED face mask. Find the closest clinic to you, click here.

Find pictures and videos of the treatments using LED face masks clicking here.