Light Therapy: How Light Penetrates the Skin

Light Therapy: How Light Penetrates the Skin

How Light Therapy Penetrates the Skin

When you see light, you’re actually seeing a wavelength! The different colours of light are based on different wavelengths which are measured in nanometres (nm).

spectrum of visible light (source: google images)

The shortest wavelength of 400nm is the violet light whereas the longest wavelength which is on the red end of the spectrum is around 800+nm – the longer wavelength penetrates the skin the deepest.

Due to the mechanism light uses it follows a photochemical procedure, the theory postulates that light is absorbed and interacts with chromophores (organic molecules) which then activate cellular processes.

Light Therapy on Acne

In blue light therapy, the wave penetrates just to the surface of the skin and it mainly targets bacteria on the surface. This means blue light excellent for killing of the main acne causing bacteria before it gets any deeper into the skin. Blue light therapy treatments are very effective at reducing acne and breakouts for this very reason.

Light Therapy on Ageing Skin

In red and near-infrared light therapy, the waves penetrates the deepest to the dermis where it activates major anti-ageing processes like collagen proliferation by reactivating fibroblast activity.

Overall this is the perfect treatment for working to improve your skin health without invasive procedures. You can start light therapy treatments at home or visit your local professional for an in-depth treatment, these are our at-home recommendations:

If you’re looking for treatments at home of anti-ageing, why not use our face lift pro device, which combines light therapy with other technologies to reduce signs of ageing like fine lines and dull skin. If you suffer from problem/acne skin the best solution is the skin rejuvenator, which combines light therapy with ultrasonic technology for deeper cleansing and product penetration.