NeoFirm Radiofrequency Skin Tightening

The desire for skin which appears to defy the effects of time is, of course, the biggest demand that is made on the beauty industry and it lies behind the very many innovations and techniques that have been developed down the years.

Inevitably, as the technology improves, the demand grows for techniques which avoid the need for surgery and offer an alternative to side-effect-ridden procedures, which has paved the way for our latest innovation, the NeoFirm.

It is no surprise that radio frequency has now become hugely popular and our Neo Firm takes even this to another level by enabling salons to increase their treatment revenue by offering all-over body therapy using an equipment package which includes seven treatment probes, namely:


  • 1 x Bipolar hand piece for eye & brow
  • 1 x bipolar hand piece for face
  • 1 x bipolar hand piece for nose and small areas
  • 1 x Tripolar hand piece for face
  • 1 x Bipolar hand piece for Body
  • 1 x Tripolar hand piece for body
  • 1 x Quadpolar hand piece for body

It means that salons can not only give a non-invasive facelift – including facial tightening and lifting, eye and brow lift and jowls and neck uplifting, but it can extend the treatment to body and skin tightening on the stomach, upper arms and thighs, as well as a bum lift and tightening.

It is an extraordinary list of capabilities and it’s all made possible by a device which is portable, easy-to-use and capable of being integrated into their current skin products.

In addition, in common with all of our systems, we offer purchasers a full range of extra benefits to ensure that they can start immediately on recouping their investment, including:


  • Training Online or at our training clinic at our Derby HQ
  • 20 x Marketing Flyers 2 x A2 Posters;
  • A free listing in our treatment finder
  • Marketing USB with images and artwork
  • Social Media Promotions, including “Clinic of the Week”

A genuinely excellent, results-driven treatment, the NeoFirm will prevent ageing, treat photo damage, tighten, lift and firm the skin not with chemicals or surgery but instead with radio frequency, a technique which is increasingly popular with celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston, Amanda Holden and Mel B and which has been tipped to replace botox.

Radio frequency works by using the skin’s natural ability to produce heat, which in turn regenerates collagen and elastin fibres deep within the skin, which brightens the complexion and lifts loose skin – which key when improving the appearance of wrinkles and lines.

The effect is instant, but NeoFirm treatment has an added bonus, by being able to heal damage in the skin that has been present for several years.

Working its way down into the subcutaneous layer, where the fat resides, the radio frequency creates heat which breaks down the fat, which is then carried away by the lymphatic system, leaving the skin firmer, tighter and slimmer over time.

It can also benefit the skin by:


  • Repairing and renewing;
  • Treating photo damage;
  • Preventing and reducing hyperpigmentation;
  • Revealing a healthy glow;
  • Aiding oxygenation and circulation;
  • Reducing acne scars.

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