How powerful is Red Light Therapy?

How powerful is Red Light Therapy?

At this point you have probably heard about the use of the light therapy on, among other things, anti-ageing treatments. Considering that this is an innovative technique and that even though it is becoming more popular by the day, there is not much information about it out there. That is why we decided to explain the entire procedure in detail, so next time you decide to add the light therapy mask to your facial package, you know exactly what is happening in your skin.

Last week, we explained the reason why light therapy, also known as phototherapy, is good for your skin and even added a short explanation of what every colour of light is supposed to do on your skin. If you’ve missed it, read it here.

Light therapy started as a belief that the energy of the light could cure the energy of the body. What was a simple belief without proof in the past, soon became a well studied and researched field, where the power of phototherapy was proven to be good for human skin. As mentioned on last week’s blog post we use here, at Neo Elegance, 5 colours of light for different purposes when treating the skin.

The red light, of all the others we use, is the most powerful. It penetrates into the skin 3 times deeper than the other lights and therefore achieves better results in the hypodermis, the last layer of skin. The results are the reduction of fine lines (wrinkles),  increase of collagen synthesis, improvement of blood circulation, increase of naturally hydration, improvement of skin tone and texture and heals the skin after invasive treatments or injectables.

Studies found that red is a stimulating colour to humans, having its effect physically and mentally. It gives people power, energy and vitality because of its cheering effect. It also was found that red light increases DNA/RNA’s synthesis for cellular reproduction and repairs damaged skin.