When you reach your twentieth birthday, it’s all about popping those champagne corks and dancing the night away before heading home just before the sun rises.

One of the last things you’ll be worrying about is your skincare routine – but just because you’re only in your twenties doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be caring about you skin.

That youthful glow won’t last forever if you don’t start to take care of it early, and all those late nights and cocktails can begin to take their toll, so here’s some products that you’ll want to include in your skin care routine when you turn 20.

Banish those breakouts

Too many nights out on the town followed by a sneaky kebab on the taxi ride home are a one-way ticket to breakout city. Add in tons of concealer to try and cover up those blemishes and you’re only going to make matters worse, so it’s essential that you use a reliable and effective product to help reduce inflammation and banish those breakouts for good.

The Neo Skin Rejuvenator Device uses LED light technology to calm red spots, reduce future breakouts and brighten and illuminate your skin without using harsh chemicals.

Clear, glowing and healthy-looking skin is only one step away with this handy little handbag sized device, so this should most definitely be part of your skin care routine if you love to party.

Professional pampering

Unfortunately, not all of us are lucky enough to wave goodbye to acne as soon as we hit twenty. In fact, many people suffer with acne in their 30s and 40s and just accept that regular breakouts of red, angry looking spots are something that they’ll have to learn to live with.

But with a little professional help, your skin can be plump, clear and glowing. Oxygen therapy treatments for example will leave you with healthy, happy skin. Introducing purified and pressurised oxygen that’s infused into your skin along with potent ingredients from professional serums, you’ll notice that in just one treatment your skin looks brighter, redness has been reduced and breakouts become less frequent.

Find out more about how oxygen therapy can help you fight back against the breakouts and where to find your nearest Neo Elegance skin care professional here.

Puffy peepers

Late nights studying, out with friends or just burning the candles at both ends can start to show – even when you’re in your twenties! If missing that lecture or the party of the century to get some shut-eye simply isn’t an option, we have a nifty little weapon in your fight against dark circles and puffiness around the eyes.

The Neo Eye Pen helps to reduce the visible signs of tiredness and dehydration without damaging the delicate skin around the eyes. It uses gentle vibrations to prompt skin to produce more collagen and refresh tired eyes.

Use this lightweight and portable device with a little eye serum and no one would ever guess that you didn’t get to bed until 4am!