Neo Elegance is at the forefront of delivering effective beauty devices to professionals. Using cutting-edge developments, the brand’s products help leading beauty professionals to provide targeted, non-invasive treatment options that are quick and cost-effective.

Browse the current range to find our how Neo Elegance could help your business deliver superior results to satisfied customers.

Lumineo LED

The Lumineo professional device is the latest innovation from Neo Elegance, incorporating LED wavelengths that penetrate the skin. The slimline design makes it perfect for modern dermatologists, while clients will love the results it delivers whether used alone or with other treatments. The different light options make it perfect for tailoring treatment to every customer.

Tri Light LED

Target multiple skin concerns during a single session thanks to the innovative Tri Light LED. Using powerful, painless LED technology, it’s a treatment option that allows you to effortlessly tackle some of the most common skin complaints, from rejuvenating ageing skin to clearing breakouts. With the benefit of using multiple wavelengths in one treatment, you’ll be able to reduce treatment times, save money, and combat combination skin problems.

Illumination LED Face Mask

Give your clients a celebrity skincare treatment they’ll love with our Illumination LED Face Mask. The comfortable mask combines galvanic probes and oxygen infusions to offer results-driven treatments. With celebrity and media endorsements, it’s a device that’s in high demand from beauty lovers across the country.

Light Therapy Quad GLOW

Harnessing the power of LED treatment, this product is an essential for professionals that want a single device that will combat numerous skin complaints. From boosting collagen production to removing bacteria that causes breakouts, the Light Therapy Quad GLOW adapts to suit each of your clients for treatments that guarantee customer satisfaction.

NeoFirm Radiofrequency

The innovative NeoFirm Radiofrequency lets you offer your clients highly effective, non-invasive skin tightening treatments without being limited to area. The diverse systems not only means you can start benefitting from delivering impressive non-invasive facelifts but targeted treatment for other areas too, such as the upper arms or stomach.