Pollution, fumes and bacteria-filled commutes are a one-way ticket to dull and less than healthy looking skin.

Just walk down the street in any busy city and you’ll see why. Heavy pollution caused by cars clings to your skin, hair and clothing while commutes on over-crowded buses and the underground are hotbeds for bacteria, so you need to get city savvy to protect your skin and maintain a healthy glow.

Here’s our three expert tips on how to city-proof your skin and tackle the environmental effects city life can take on our faces.

  1. It pays to protect

Defending your skin against the effects of any city that’s scarily high in pollution is a must, so invest in a good quality daily defence cream to act as a protective barrier between your face and the plethora or fumes and other airborne nasties that inhibit city spaces.

Spend an extra few minutes each morning as part as your normal cleansing routine and add a moisturising defence cream as this will help keep the skin hydrated during the day.

  1. Resist the urge to wash

Now we’re not talking about bathing here, but the fact that many people find the residue of city life clinging to their skin too much by lunchtime and head to the bathroom to wash their faces and reapply any makeup.

Although this will remove the surface grime, it will also dehydrate your skin and remove any protective barrier you applied earlier in the day. Add to the fact that public washrooms are notorious as bacteria breeding grounds, if you must wash your face then use cleansing wipes and reapply a layer of daily defence cream afterwards or you’re leaving your skin wide open to various pollutants.

  1. Hydrate and regenerate

Perhaps the most important part of city-proofing your skin is what you do after you return home or back to your hotel. Pollution causes skin to become dehydrated, leaving it looking dull and sallow, so it’s essential that you give your face a helping hand to restore any moisture lost due to pollution.

One of the most delicate skin areas is found around the eyes, so it comes as no surprise that dark circles and puffy eyes are a common sight in the city.

The Neo Eye pen uses gentle vibrations to aid the regeneration of skin around the eyes and when combined with a light eye serum can provide the much-needed hydration that your eyes have been crying out for.

The production of collagen is also significantly slowed down when skin is subjected to pollution, so this clever pocket-sized device can help boost collagen and restore that wide-awake look.

Another critical element for tackling city skin is exfoliation. Although skin may appear clean, many facial scrubs do not remove unhealthy bacteria deep down leading to redness and breakouts. 7

However, our Neo Skin Rejuvenator Device combines ultrasound, LED therapy, and massage to offer deep cleansing which is non-invasive, suitable for all skin types and creates a youthful glow without the use of chemicals.

These two products are the perfect pair of travel sized skin devices ideal for city proofing your skin, so don’t leave home without them!