High-tech skincare specialists, Neo Elegance are speaking out against the use of at-home microneedle and derma-roller treatments, which they suggest could prove harmful when used by untrained hands.

The company has started a campaign to raise awareness of the potential dangers of going it alone when using these sophisticated pieces of equipment, suggesting that whilst some salon-style treatments are ideally suited to trying at home, others should be left to the professionals. There has been a boom in recent years of beauty bloggers and social influencers promoting at-home variations of derma-roller treatments, but the team at Neo Elegance emphasize that these treatments are often used incorrectly, which can have an adverse effect on the skin.

When used correctly, derma-roller treatments help freshen and smooth the complexion, boosting collagen production by using microneedles to create tiny pinpricks on the dermis layer which provoke a restorative response from the body. The technique has been recommended to treat all kinds of different skin complaints, including enlarged pores, hyperpigmentation and scars – and scientific studies have helped to back up the effectiveness of the treatment when administered by skilled practitioners. Yet new and seductively affordable at-home options have tempted more and more beauty enthusiasts to try this method for themselves, without many of the precautionary tactics used by those in the know.

“Buying a cheap derma-roller online can really damage your skin, rather than improve it. Derma-rollers and micro-needle treatments need to be done professionally by someone who has trained extensively in this area, and we strongly advise people to not be drawn in by the cheap price points and accessibility.” says Farzila Allarakha, Aesthetic Practitioner,  Neo Elegance.

“Micro needling is a form of controlled wounding that is designed to initiate healing within the skin. It is a long term, in clinic, treatment and it can take up to a year to see a difference. This is not a quick fix treatment at all. It involves the insertion of tiny needles into the skin, they need to be sterile and technique is key. If there is a failure to administer the treatment effectively, it can result in many serious skin and health issues, including necrotising fasciitis.”

Neo Elegance stocks a range of fantastic skincare gadgets which are suitable for using at home and promise renewed, glowing skin – but for potentially invasive treatments like derma-rolling, it’s best to leave it to the professionals.