LED Light Therapy with the Tri-Light LED

LED Light therapy has many benefits to the skin and can target concerns such as aging, breakouts, and pigmentation. At Neo Elegance, we have a number of professional LED device to choose from. Our Latest LED device is the Tri-Light. This Blog tells you all you need to know about the Tri-Light LED device.

Which skin concerns does the Tri-Light light therapy target?
The Tri-Light uses three different LED wavelengths to target multiple skin concerns.

Red LED:
The red wavelength on the device targets aging in the skin. It does this by penetrating down to the skin dermis, stimulating the production of collagen. This, in turn, strengthens elastin. A red LED session can leave the skin feeling plumped with a healthy, hydrated glow. Multiple treatments can see a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles.

Blue LED:
Blue led targets breakouts in the skin. The wavelength works on the surface of the skin to kill bacteria. It can also regulate sebum production, preventing the skin from overproducing oil. This can prevent oily skin and oil-related breakouts. It can also control and reduce the appearance of current breakouts.


This is the deepest penetrating wavelength. Near-infrared LED works on a cellular level, to renew and repair damaged skin cells. This not only gives the skin a rejuvenated, youthful glow, but it can also speed the healing process. This makes it great for use after more invasive treatments.

Features of the Tri-Light:
The Tri-Light has a multi-LED option allowing you to use multiple LED wavelengths in one treatment. This enables you to create bespoke treatments to meet the skin needs of your clients. For example, if a client has aging concerns but it also suffering from a breakout, you can mix the blue and red wavelengths for an express treatment. You can select the intensity of the wavelengths, so if you want to mix LED’s but have one stronger than the other, this is possible.

The Tri-Light site over the head and does not contact with the skin. This makes it better after harsher treatments such as micro needling or dermaplaning as the skin may be left feeling slightly irritated.

Where Can I Get the Tri-Light?
For Professionals:
The Tri-Light is available to purchase via email. To find out more, email us at info@neoelegance.co.uk.

For Treatments:
To find out where you can have a treatment with our Tri-Light device, visit our treatment finder by clicking here.

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