Neo Face Lift Pro – Tone and Tighten Skin


Tighten and Tone – A Face Lift at Home

Photon therapy | Electrical muscle stimulation | Electroporation

Product Description

Tighten and Tone – A Face Lift at Home

Only 10 minutes a day!

Anti-ageing products today tend to function on the surface of the skin, the face lift pro works from the inside out. It is unlike any other facial treatment device on the market. Combining the power of 3 technologies – LED light, electrical muscle stimulation and electroporation.

How it benefits your skin

  • reduces fine lines & wrinkles
  • skin looks plumper and lifted
  • skin looks and feels smoother
  • reduces redness
  • gives skin a youthful and radiant glow
  • hydrates skin

Treatments with the device:

1. Face Gym – Used with a gel based product the electrical muscle stimulation works on the muscles under the skin to give a tighter and toner appearance

2. Lymphatic Drainage – Replaces a manual massage to rid the skin of toxins

3. Product Penetration – The electrical impulses help to increase the penetration of serums and sheet masks – getting more out of the active ingredients

4. Skin Rejuvenation – Our popular LED technology helps to rejuvenate the skin, prevent breakouts and even out skin tone


Product Reviews/Testimonials

“thank you so much. I have used my face lift pro three times thus far & already see improvements. Thank you again.”  Amber Lashway, Home User – USA 

“Since using Neo Elegance face lift pro I have become so lazy with my skincare” Bex Shearer, Home User – Derby UK

“…this treatment got to those deep layers of my dermis. Four LED light treatments target different layers of the skin, as the electrical impulses made my face burn and muscles twitch. But noticeably plumper skin the following day helped…” Amelia Jones, Women’s Health Magazine Beauty Editor – London, UK (See the full review here).

“…within a fortnight, i see an improvement in the texture of my face, my skin feels smoother, my spots and acne scars are reduced and the dark pigmentation patches caused by sunbathing appear less noticeable .” Laura Wurzal, Press Association – London UK (see the full review here).


Further Information:

Electrical Muscle Stimulation

This works to stimulate the facial muscles, encouraging them to ‘twitch’ – this in turn helps to tighten and tone the skin attached to those facial muscles


The electrical impulses which are sent into the skin mimic the needles in mesotherapy treatments by opening the skin pore temporarily to allow deeper product penetration. as the skin renews itself, these brand new healthy cells will surface resulting in a better complexion.

LED light therapy

Exposing light to the skin’s surface activates the photoreceptors and lets the skin cells absorb its energy. It accelerates cell biochemical circulation and stimulates production of collagen (red light only) among other processes.

For best results use in combination with Illumination LED face mask professional treatments