About Neo Elegance


Neo Elegance was among the first companies in the UK to offer customers the chance to harness the power of LED light therapy in their own homes – for visibly radiant, rejuvenated and refined skin.

Since launching in 2014, their devices have been successfully used by doctors and dermatologists across the UK as the number of people looking for non-invasive beauty treatments has grown.

Now Neo Elegance has a range of devices which customers can use in the comfort of their own homes to help improve the appearance of fine lines, acne and other common skin concerns.

Its technology can be fully integrated into skincare routines to provide professional, safe and effective results for a wide range of skin conditions without discomfort or downtime.

A host of celebrities are regular users of their devices and the company prides itself on outstanding customer service and award-winning technology.

Writers from GLAMOUR magazine, the Daily Mail and OK! have all praised Neo Elegance products in print and the beauty industry recognised its products at the My Face My Body Awards.

Neo Elegance has become a byword for quality and innovation in the beauty industry.

Discover the benefits of Neo Elegance today and find out how their award-winning products can transform your skin.

Our Products

Neo Elegance offers aesthetic devices for professionals and home users for skin treatments, they are produced in accordance with European Union directives and standards.

All devices conform to low voltage directive 2006/95/EEC and CE declaration of conformity.

All devices are safety tested and regulated by Neo Elegance Ltd for use in the UK and EU.


“Lined with LED lights, it’s being hailed by
experts as a big beauty advance”